Do you know present (or past) locations or contact info for any of these 1969 Spartan classmates? If you can help, please give us some direction …

  • an email
  • a phone number
  • last-known address or city

… and we’ll take it from there!

Thank you!

Arne Ambers

Jane Backen Magerski

Cheryl Lynn Bennett

Rodney Jay Brown

Phimol Chitthanakorn-Nukur

Bradley Dean Forseth

Shirley French

Mary Beth Gilbert

Donald Ward Hudson

Carol Mae Johnson

Karen Lee Kitchin

Nancy Gayle Krenelka

Jeffrey Maag

Dave Morgan

Kenneth Eugene Nelson

David Gordon Olson

Timothy Rhymes

Allan Dale Richardson

Jeffrey Schaeffer

Pamela Jean Schrader

James William Tate

Carole Sue Young